Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you better off than you were 40 years ago? Well are 'ya punk?

What a line-up! The DNC, has a blockbuster opening act (Lady M), butt she’s still in detox/cleansing and rehearsals:

black and white and white“All this for a damn hag?” No,wait, that’s not right TOTUS!

Plus we have a whole bunch of Hollywood “A-listers” lined up: Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney, Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Sheryl Crow, Susan Sarandon, Oprah – no wait, that was last time. I guess they all have previous commitments this year.

So let’s just focus on Lady M, shall we?

mo's nice stride Blue carpet arrival

mo close upMakeup!

mo just ike hollywoodWardrobe!

The DNC really is just like Hollywood. Oh, and speaking of Hollywood, here’s who will be there: Jeff Bridges, James Taylor, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria. So okay, basically B+ listers this year. Or, in some cases, C-listers:

That’s right! Big Guy’s Choomwagon crew!

151199717Lady M knuckle knockin’ with Kumar (I HOPE that’s not racist)

Yep! That Kal Penn!

Even before we get officially underway, our DNC Washerwoman Chairwoman has been working hard to set the tone for this important election:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says the Republican Party only had “superficial” diversity on display at its convention in Tampa last week —a contrast to Democrats reflecting actually “the rich diversity that we know is so important in Americans.”

Because we know there’s nothing more important than diversity:

economic table

“Last week, the Republicans put a lot of different folks up on the stage,” Wasserman Schultz said on POLITICO Live Monday. “It’s actions that matter, not just words.”

Right-on, right-on, right-on, Little Debbie!! Just ask the citizens of Detroit about actions vs. words! Detroit has enjoyed over 40 years of exclusive Democratic control.


During that time the citizens of that city have enjoyed not just the words, butt the actions of these Democratic regimes policies.

Postcards From Detroit:

st cyril detroit 200851oClHvytxL__SS400_517x9rtAfsL__SS400_detroit abandonedjp-DETROIT-1-popupquaddafi house or detroitdetroit ruins44detroit ruins3detroit_01detroit_pakardplant_galdetroit ruinpackard plantdetroit ruins34detroit-t-shirt61wLkXfcU L__SS400_

And remember, it’s their actions that are most important:

detroit_hudsonwallfallHudson’s (RIP) once magnificent flagship store demolished by implosion in 1998, the site still stands empty today, 14 years later.

“The cheering had stopped as the immense reality of the event sobered all who viewed it. An emptiness followed and the guilt of our cheers weighed upon us.

The choking clouds dissipated and a ghastly scene was revealed. An inch of dust covered everything for blocks around and there, in the midst of it all, lay the smoldering and shattered heart of 20th Century downtown Detroit.”

 detroit end of the lineAll of their words, all of their actions, all lead to the same empty place.

Meanwhile, Joey B was in Detroit yesterday for a Labor Day rally where he told the crowd:

Let me make something clear, say it to the press: America is better off today, than they left us when they left. And if it weren’t so hot, I’d go into detail why I say that…

And if it weren’t so hot, maybe Detroit wouldn’t be burning up.

And maybe if it weren’t so hot Big Guy wouldn’t be breaking a sweat.

hot hot bobo hot 3bo hot and getting hotter

And if it weren’t so hot, this empty chair wouldn’t be such a joke.

HotSeatChair1 Are ‘ya feeling lucky now, punk?

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