Friday, February 1, 2013

With OJT Anyone can be a Secretary! Typing optional.

We’re introducing a bill today to provide funding for a new on-the-job-training (OJT) program for all new Cabinet members.

“If Confirmed, I intend to learn about the Defense Department.”

BO is a big proponent of the earn-while-you-learn approach to education, having benefited from the approach himself. For example, when he decided to become a community organizer instead of getting a real job, even though he had a Bachelors Degree (somewhere) in something from Columbia, he was tutored by the best.


Then, after he went back to school and collected a law degree from Harvard, he decided to become a writer rather than take a high-paid job as corporate lawyer where they expected you to work 60-80 hours a week. He once again received some OJT from a mentor that was assigned to help him uh, edit his, uh, “autobiography.”

dream from my father

And when it came to running the most powerful country on earth, Big Guy again availed himself of all the OJT he needed.

blago bo daleyRod Blagojevich, Big Guy and Richard Daley go over the basics of Power 101

Lady M is likewise a proponent of on-the-job-training. When she, too, decided to leave her high-paying corporate lawyer job to go to work for Mayor Daley she availed herself of some OJT, from the “it girls” of the Chicago black female power base.

jarret rogers rice 2000The Chicago millennium “it” girls: Valarie Jarrett, Desiree Rogers, Linda Johnson Rice (heir to BET/Ebony/Jet publishing empire)

It was this clique that finally helped her locate all those trap doors she had been searching for her whole life.

    barack_obama_michelle_obama_ebony_cover_2009_februarymichelle-obama-ebonymo ebony

Butt back to our new remedial training program for Senior Administration officials; we’re still pulling it together with the help of our advisors.

It’s a shame we didn’t put this program together sooner because I’ve seen the course syllabus, and one of the role playing modules is titled: “A gang of thugs shows up at the embassy with shoulder mounted rocket launchers to protest a Youtube video: what do you do?”

That little training program could have saved Hills a lot of time testifying, and who knows – maybe even prevented that fall on her head.

hill un take me away oh lord

And then Susan Rice would have been our new Secretary of State and Big Guy wouldn’t have had to select another white guy to fill the post. Oh well, I’m sure John Carré will do a fine job too. And he doesn’t even need any remedial training because he already speaks French, served in Vietnam and has been known to enjoy a falafel from time to time.

john kerry praying for victoryPlus, he’s mastered the ethnic restaurant gesture of submission

Anyway, this just in: in addition to the crappy GDP number (which is no longer relevant) our new jobs! jobs! jobs! number has inched back up to 7.9% in January. Which, since we’ve disappeared so many people from the “labor participation rate” is no longer relevant either.


I wonder if Big Guy has any plans to put himself thorough an OJT economics program; because  he did promise that if he was reelected he’d learn more about how to fix the economy. Butt he’s been so busy looking for the secret trap door that will get us out of this mess he hasn’t had time to actually learn how the economy works.

alg-caroline-barack-looking for trap door jpgNope, no trap doors here. Just another rabbit hole.


generatorDon’t go there. There’s no way out.

Hey! I’ve got an idea! Until we get our jobs! jobs! jobs! program back on track, why don’t we create a federal OJT program for everyone who’s unemployed? We can train them for jobs that no longer exist, just to keep their skills sharp. At least our disappeared labor force would have something to do until things turn around, and they’ll get a free lunch.


Oh yeah, and they’ll earn while they learn so they can afford their mandated Obamacare.

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