Monday, March 11, 2013


It was probably a mistake, planning our #AskFLOTUS live event on the 6 month anniversary of the start of Benghazigate. Twitchy is all a twitter.

Screenshot Studio capture #980

Some of the haters aren’t pulling any punches, I see:

Screenshot Studio capture #981

Here’s one of the more respectful ones:

Screenshot Studio capture #979163366420To make them big and schtrong, S. M., that’s why.

Sheeze! Where’s all this hate coming from? Moms who are still mad that their kiddies’ class trips to Washington “during the popular Spring vacation season” were cancelled?

Or do you suppose they’re actually coming from journalists who are still mad at being shut out of the annual Gridiron dinner?

Screenshot Studio capture #982

So they couldn’t witness Big Guy’s sparkling humor in person:

"Of course, maintaining credibility in this cynical atmosphere is harder than ever -- incredibly challenging. My administration recently put out a photo of me skeet shooting and even that wasn't enough for some people. Next week, we're releasing a photo of me clinging to religion," he said to what the White House transcript called "laughter and applause."


barry skeeter copySkeeter O’bama takes aim

bo's chillySkeeter, clinging to “his religion”

Still, Knoller isn’t finished:

Screenshot Studio capture #983

Why is it that these journ-o-lists only get upset when it’s about them? I didn’t hear a peep out of them when they were locked out of Benghazigate.

Butt enough of that: I need to catch you up on last week’s important “Women of Courage” awards. Looks like we replaced the anti-Semite, anti-American Islamo-fascist with two trannys.

mo women of courage awardsHey, who are the two tranny’s in the back row next to Teresa Heinz Carre?


Well, I’ve gotta run; I’m moderating Lady M’s little #AskFLOTUS Q&A:


NOTE: Dewey asked me to announce that Know Thy Enemy III: Celebrity Culture is now available for your consideration.

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