Thursday, March 14, 2013

Without Artifice and Illusion, We Got Nothing

First, let me say welcome, Pope Francis I. And Godspeed. The world can certainly use  an “authentic, credible, humble” leader.

Vatican PopeViva il Papa! Godspeed.

The new Pope was barely announced before Hugo Chavez – from the grave no less – took credit for ensuring the appointment of the Argentinian as the first pope from South America.

Butt fuggedaboutit! Hugo in absentia had nothing to do with this historic event. In fact Big Guy is taking credit for negotiating the whole deal. Apparently he brokered the compromise,  arranging for Argentina to give up it’s claim on the Falkland Islands in exchange for getting the first Latin American pope – ever! Apparently it really is all politics.

So with all that on his plate, is it any wonder that BO didn’t have time to be involved in the Secret Services’ very unpopular sequester decision to close the Big White to tours? 

sequester-white-house-tours-closed-but-500000-will-get-you-access-to-obamah/t PUMABydesign

And brokering the new leader of the Catholic Church wasn’t the only thing Big Guy tended to yesterday. He also made time to meet donors who shelled out $50k for his two day Organizing For Action (OFA) conference at the ritzy St. Regis Hotel. Although apparently many of the big corporate sponsors were previously engaged and sent their underlings in their stead. What a thrill for those little pawns!

And yes, you caught me, I’ve just been stalling hoping you all would forget about Lady M’s new Vogue cover. At least I think it’s Lady M’s Vogue cover. By the time they finished with the touchups it could have been Little Debbie for all I know.

mo vogue 2013

debbie wasserman schultz vogue spreadDebbie Wasserman-Schultz: untouched. And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn

As I believe I’ve mentioned once or twice before, without artifice and illusion, we’ve got nothing.

It doesn’t seem fair does it? At one end of the spectrum: authentic, credible, humble…

Vatican Pope“Habemus papam Franciscum” ( We have Pope Francis).

And at the other end we have, well…

big guy madhatter-watermark copymo-red queen-watermark copy

Like I said, artifice and illusion.

“What’s wrong with those people? Don’t they know that we have a new Emperor and Empress? Can’t they see their new clothes? Don’t they get it that at the end of the day, artifice and illusion is all we have to offer?” -- from “Meet MOTUS to the FLOTUS



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