Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunspots and Surveillance: Do Not Mix

Big Guy’s greatly anticipated Brandenburg Gate II performance was a bit of a letdown.

crowdReality Bites

While not exactly dismissive or derisive, it did come across as a bit derivative. Sort of a mash-up of the original “Ick bin ein Berliner” and the “I have a dream” speech. From JFK we get that Big Guy is a citizen of the World, from MLK, we get that he still harbors his college-aged self’s dream of a nuclear free world:

bo obama sundial article

young bo obama stoned 1981 NYCollege-aged Barry Soetoro, saving the world, one dooby at a time

It would have been one of his best reads, too, if only the sun hadn’t gotten in his eyes.

MSNBC's number one Obama fanboy, Chris Matthews, was obviously disappointed with President Obama's letdown of a speech in Germany Tuesday. Rather than place the blame where it belonged -- on the empty rhetoric, hypocritical platitudes, and a crowd 95% smaller than the one Obama captured in '08 as a presidential candidate -- Matthews blamed it on the sun blotting out Obama's teleprompter:

I tried to tell him that TOTUS needed a pair of sunglasses if he was going to scroll at sunset; maybe next time he’ll listen to me.

motus_tennis_matchWM copy

I know my Jackie O sunglasses really improved my game


Even though the speech was a bit of a yawn, Angie threw us a nice dinner party anyway:

Michelle Obama Guests Arrive Charlottenburg M-G57bCryt1xApparently palazzo pants are very big in Germany this year; maybe Mo should have worn hers too. 

We broke out a new frock, a cute, summery sun-dress for the occasion. It was perfect for the State Dinner, really setting Lady M apart from the rest of the ladies in attendance. I expect you’ll see it again when we move to Martha’s Vineyard for the remainder of the summer, after our African Safari.

We’ll really get “our money” out of this one, as it looks good both coming and going.

Screenshot Studio capture #1183Especially if you blur the “going” shot, as required by protocol.

The schnitzels and wursts were pretty good, butt Lady M really enjoyed Angie’s special wine selections.

Screenshot Studio capture #1182

We just wish they hadn’t all been white.

Angie seemed to focus more attention on Lady M than BO. What’s up with that?

Not only is that kind of dangerous, when dealing with two narcissists well developed egos personalities like the Wons, butt it runs the risk of looking like you’re being dismissive of the leader of the free world.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Big Guy’s been caught spying on everybody, including Angie and her government. It sure didn’t help that FBI Director Mueller confirmed in testimony yesterday that we are using drones to track people in America. So here we go again with all the conspiracy theories: reporter Michael Hastings was being followed by the FBI before his untimely death, TWA Flight 800 was taken down by a missile and covered up, and now - suspicion that waste management executive Tony Soprano may have been taken out too. Ostensibly for his ties to the current administration.

There’s no truth to that rumor. And with the “sunshine rules” as enacted by this, the most transparent administration in the history of the republic, we would tell you if there were. Or any of the other rumors swirling around.

So, even though sunshine is the latest thing Big Guy was for before he was against it, it looks like we’re going to have to banish it, in order to give TOTUS a proper read. Still, others remain opposed to the idea of it being nighttime in America, and demand that the sunshine in:

Peace and Love. The more Hope and Change®, the more things remain the same.

bo eat your peas

Peas Out, dude!

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