Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Because Hope is Contagious.”


“You’re their proof of what is possible — because hope is contagious.

Boy, tell me about it. Do you know what else is contagious? Bubonic plague, cholera, leprosy, small pox…as a rule, it’s best to stay away from contagious things. It’s unclear at this point if Bitchy Resting Face is classified as a contagious disease.

Screenshot Studio capture _1172[3]

Anyway, Big Guy and TOTUS gave one of their signature, rousing reads in Belfast before moving on to the G8 meeting where he continued his charm offensive, which may be losing its edge a bit:

POTUS-Putin-550x355“I said you could keep the damn ring.”

Meanwhile, Lady M gave an important speech of her own, butt due to the superficiality of the British press, all they talked about was how distracting her “fringe” was:

mo's fringe

Admittedly, it does seem to be making her a little cross-eyed, butt still, that’s no reason to  bring attention to Lady M’s struggle with BRF the way they did in the article:

BRF daily mailbrf2brf3

Back home, Keith Koffler dissed Lady M, suggesting she and the Wee Wons were simply there to squeeze in a quickie, under-the-radar vacay! Can you believe the nerve? If you ask me, Keith and the British press could learn a thing or two about how to treat our royal family FLOTUS properly.

Anyway, Lady M and the Wee Wons spent the day being charmed by their Irish roots,


before heading out for a special evening performance of Riverdance – a spectacular display of disembodied feet, which always creeps me out just a little:

Lady M & The Sassy Lassies: Big White Performance March, 2011

For the occasion Lady M chose a stunning outfit in basic black, creatively accessorized by a pink and orange table napkin:

170752189Néal, aon?

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