Wednesday, June 19, 2013

“Ich bin ein Dubliner, und nach dem mittagessen, ein Berliner.”

While Big Guy was busy charming world leaders, we had lunch.

bono lady m 9n-3-web

Fish and chips at Finnegan’s with Bono (!) and his lovely wife Allison, with whom we share a certain savoir faire.

Screenshot Studio capture #1180Allison’s a real fashion icon too! Imagine that a black slip – at the beach!

They also dragged brought along their 2 younger children, Elijah and John to enjoy the historic event.

Screenshot Studio capture #1179Privileged kids of privileged parents will be privileged kids – I don’t care who you are.

Bono and Allison, like Big Guy and Lady M, also have two daughters; Jordan, in the gladiator outfit and Memphis Eve. I’ve no idea why they named her after a feminine hygiene product.

                  bono daughterbonodaughters

Lady M and the girls had fish and chips, and Lady M also enjoyed a lobster starter, according to proprietor Dan Finnegan, posing here with his wife Coleen and Lady M.

lady m dan and collen finnegan at fineegans pub dalkeySomeone’s overdressed here!

Then, on to Germany where our Palazzo pants seemed a bit too much for the headwinds coming out of Europe these days.

        germany 1 out of 2 ain't badMichelle Obama Barack Obama Family Arrive YenY0Nm39UEx

So we changed into something a little bit, uh, clingier:

Michelle Obama President Obama Visits Berlin UisLCQKFgwTxblack over butt-finally

And please note one and all, MO has finally taken your advice about wearing darker colors around the portions of our geography that we may wish to, uh, de-emphasize. So don’t tell me things aren’t making improvements on the ever important geo-political front.

In fact, we’re so close to achieving that whole Jackie O thing now, we even got a pair of her signature sunglasses:

            Michelle Obama jackie O poseparismatch_jackie

Which is only appropriate as on the eve of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s historic speech, Big Guy is going to once again give an historic read at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. It is expected to immediately top John F. Kennedy’s and Ronald Reagan’s in both style and histrionics historical impact. It will also go immediately to #1 on the iPod download list; if I told you how I know that, I’d have to shoot you. And don’t worry: if you have an Android or iPod on AT&T’s or Verizon’s system, it will automatically be downloaded whether you want it or not. In case you’re busy or something and miss it live.

Anyway, as you can see the Wee Wons continue to enjoy their first summer vacation of the season.

image-510346-galleryV9-qwwlRemember girls, you can’t overestimate the importance of proper footwear.

At least as much as Mom:

Michelle Obama President Obama Visits Berlin Ca0JJ5C41YLxarticle-2344331-1A65B8E0000005DC-52_306x423article-2343856-1A61F9FA000005DC-85_634x484

Don’t read much into this; remember, BRF is a bitch, and it’s genetic.

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