Thursday, July 18, 2013

“Très Terror Chic”: Rolling Along, Gathering No Moss

Why is everyone upset with Rolling Stone? They’re just doing what they do: celebrifying the base elements of society in order to make a buck. And let’s face it, it’s not as if Rolling Stone invented  “Très terror Chic” fashion.

Che Guevara t-shirts have been popular since the 60’s


Zapatista gear seemingly forever:


Keffiyehs since the 80’s


Mujahaddin scarves since the 90’s,

PKK guerilla

and "shemaghs"  since the ought’s. Of course, these all serve a very practical military purpose for both sides when you’re engaged in desert warfare.

Khaki Cotton Military Desert Shemagh_ScarfMade in China, for both sides

Butt that’s not what made them famous; celebrities did that.

KanyeWest-300letterman celebs 2 291007Kanye_071128_ms

Baby-daddy Kanye and Jay-Z: both down with the schtruggle

Soon the fashion was showing up everywhere: on selfies,

terror chic selfie

and was quickly co-opted by everyone from Rachel Ray to Howard Dean to the Reverend Al:

rachaelhoward dean of the mujhadinjesse-jackson-al-sharpton-16x9

Shortly thereafter the terror-chic scarves were “gentrified”


and quickly became an object of desire by the ever burgeoning metrosexual class:


Justin Timberlake and Lady M, incognito

So I don’t hardly see how you can blame Rolling Stone for glorifying terror chic. That would be like blaming Lady M for glorifying table cloth and beach umbrella fashion.

o mo share 2

Lady M didn’t invent tablecloth and beach umbrella fashion, she just made it her own.


The terrorist-chic look has been around ever since Fidel wrested Cuba from the hands of indolent upper class in order to make it the working man’s paradise it is today. And ever since, you simply can’t be any kind of a rebel with a murderous cause without a little terrorist bling. And that starts with a good scarf. And a good, high capacity “magazine” belt.


So let’s stop obsessing about this cover:


And get our attention redirected to this cover:



And the one thing you can count on is that after the media gets tired of celebrifying evil, they will get back to vilifying the innocent. So my fashion advice for the near-future: invest in a few good keffiyehs. With the NSA hovering around everywhere, you never know when you, too, might need one.




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