Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We B Lyin’: A continuing series

The  Black sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, celebrated their 100th anniversary this week (imagine that: a BLACK sorority that’s 100 years old! In racist America!). And it seems that everybody and their grandmother helped them celebrate.

Big Guy met with them yesterday afternoon. Ricky met with them on Monday to make his own critical points on the state of race relations in America.

eric holder delta sigma theta

Echoing his famous 2009 speech about America being a “nation of cowards” on the issue of race, Ricky told the group that:

“This tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally charged issues that this case has raised,” Holder told the sorority delegates. “We must not – as we have too often in the past – let this opportunity pass.”

Ah! That’s true Chicago thinking at it’s best. So, that’s why we have to look at “stand your ground” laws. Apparently self-defense is no longer a basic right, it’s a concept to be re-examined in post-racial America to see if it still makes “common sense.” Like all those other old fashioned “concepts” about the right to bear arms.

Butt the highlight of the Delta Sigma Theta convention was actually the appearance of our former Secretary of State and future President, Hillary Clinton. There are two signs that Hill has officially started her 2016 campaign: 1) she’s kicked her pandering into high gear:

“Yesterday I know you heard from the Attorney General about the next steps from the Justice Department and the need for a national dialogue,” she said. “As we move forward as we must I hope this sisterhood will continue to be a force for justice and understanding.”

and 2), the sista’ has a new stylist and a new ‘do.

hillsOtherwise, everything’s the same


If you see what I’m saying.

Meanwhile, in solidarity with Rachel Jeantel, Press Secretary Jay Carney was practicing his  “new school” speak yesterday in response to reports that some employers were hiring more part-time employees because of the president's signature healthcare law. He explained to the compliant media that such claims about Obamacare are “belied by the facts.” 

Which is a little like being “bejeweled” and “bedazzled:”


I’m no expert on “new school” speak, butt I think a reasonable interpretation of what Jay-Jay was saying was “we b lyin’ and the peeps b cryin’.”

obamacare think - you're fired

Bedazzled by his own words, Jay-Jay  continued his new school message about Obamacare for all you peeps out there: “we b lyin’,  you b buyin’: HOPE you don’t b dyin’.” Chumps.


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