Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Racial Justice: Dance With The Won Who Brung Ya’

I swore, no more discussion of the Zimmerman case. Butt then I read that Ricky was looking into charging him with a federal hate crime: murder “animated by racial hatred.” Wow! That’s surprising, considering that the jury didn’t believe George Zimmerman was racially motivated - or a murderer, the FBI couldn’t find any evidence of racial animus in his actions, and now this story, which seems to corroborate the fact that George Zimmerman was not only not a racist, butt an advocate for racial equality (h/t Gateway Pundit):

…a drunk adolescent son of a Sanford police official attacked a homeless black man named Sherman Ware without provocation.

The Sanford police were sweeping the crime under the rug and very little was done about the incident. Ironically, the NAACP did nothing as well, but it was Zimmerman and his wife who started a “Justice for Sherman Ware” campaign. It was Zimmerman who succeeded in organizing the black community to get results and justice for Sherman Ware. Yet ironically, Sherman Ware’s sister, Tonnetta Foster, was among the NAACP protesters promoting the “racist” meme against Zimmerman. Shame on the NAACP and Tonnetta Foster (of all people).

Hmmm; that sure doesn’t fit the “the white Hispanic ‘racist’ meme” very well, so don’t expect to hear anything about it, well, anywhere.

Oh, and then there’s this: a picture of George’s Mom’s grandfather:

zimmerman's great grandfather

Yes, that would be George’s great-grandfather. He looks like he could be…black? Really!? Uncle Tom stories to follow. I’m beginning to think that if Barack Hussein Obama, “Self-professed Black,” had a son who was a “community organizer,” he’d look just like George Zimmerman!

So enough of that, let’s turn to something important. As Sara B first reported yesterday, we’ve had another unfortunate “Bitch Stole My Look!” incident.

huma mo

Here’s MO in the $70 ASOS frock; seen here for the first and last time in August, 2012 on the Big Black Bus Fly-over Tour stops in Dubuque and Davenport Iowa.

Where we really earned our keep; first, faking sincerity:

    bo mo dubuque2

     Then dealing with the big wind (updrafts, I mean)

    mo dubuque sexy

And then getting down with the hayseeds:

“Swing your partner, do si do!”

iowa bo mo

“Swing him around and don't let go!"

     bo mo dubuque32mo dubuque2

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the WONs enjoying a little square dancing.  I previously did a whole post on their swing skills:

“Swing your partner Round and Round

And turn your corner upside down.”

swing baby swing mo

“Right foot up and a left foot down,

And make that big foot jar the ground”

123 hike mo

“Bow to you partner and the corner miss,
To the opposite lady just blow a kiss”

mobo unison hugs

“Old Ida Red she ain't no fool,
She can put a saddle on a hump back mule” … 

You’ll want to see the rest here. It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Embarrassed smile

Okay, just to entice you, here’s one more verse:

“Promenade round that ring so fine
Till the cows come home
And the Oxen-dine”


Anyway, back to the issue at hand: Huma stealing Lady M’s frock. Wow – and you thought Huma Weiner’s hubby had “hutzpah”! He does…we all saw it!

TIME seems to think that this was a purposeful rip-off:

It would be surprising if Abedin—also a Democrat, along with her husband—was not aware that her dress was a rerun. Was this a calculated move to evoke some of the closeness that the First Couple share?

bo mo dubuque

Concluding that it is probably an inspired move:

Of course, there are worse people to take a page from in the style department than Mrs. Obama.

Indeed. There’s Lady Gaga for sure, along with Madonna, Beyoncé,

gagax-largeMadonna Kicks Off Sticky Sweet Tour Cardiff vo3p48-Cp_Albeyonce back to black

and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, Huma’s second mother and political mentor:

headscarf hil

Butt the number one worst person that Huma Weiner could have taken a page from in the style department is…drum roll, please:

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro! rosa DelauraRosa’s got a lot of “hutzpah” too…although we haven’t seen it…yet!

So now you’re all free to get on with your day knowing that the fashion future of New York City’s next first lady is in good hands.

We might want to work on her makeup next. Unless that’s a mustache, in which case we have other issues.

Congressman Twitter PhotoAt least Huma doesn’t have to deal with the trauma of BRF.

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