Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013: The Occupation Continues – Terror Ensues

halloween costume to avoid if you don't want to scare the kids

Well, we had a Halloween party this year after all. And while it was scary, as always,


the whole affair was fairly low-key

white-house-halloween-best butt2

compared to past ghoulish celebrations around here:


And then there was this “secret” after party in 2009 with Johnny Depp and the entire Alice in Wonderland cast:


Lady M was festively attired in pumpkin and gray this year, as was Big Guy:

Screenshot Studio capture #1451My! 2009 v. 2013; we are getting gray, aren’t we? What’s causing that?

Anyway, now I know why Chef Yosses was in the garden with Lady M the other day:

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Hangs Out Sesame pDlOH9uwN-OlOoooh! That’s scary!

Chef was gathering fruits and veggies for this year’s Big White Halloween treats:


Which were cute, butt not as well received as you might think. One of the little gremlins left his treats behind, along with this cryptic message:


Other than that, the party went fairly well. Although there was a bit of a scuffle at the gate when the family dressed up as the Obamas arrived. No, not the idiot in the mask and straitjacket that resulted in diversity training class for the entire hospital:


It was the Verizon Star Wars family that setoff the Secret Service’s radar detectors:

verizon star wars

Apparently impersonating a Wookie is as politically incorrect as impersonating a black or even half-black President.

Screenshot Studio capture #1450

Although, it wasn’t the first time we had a Wookie at our Halloween party:

wookie halloween2009: Lady M dressed up as Cheetah Rivera

Fortunately we didn’t have any of these embarrassing treats that somehow slipped through our political correctness filter in past years:

ghosts-600x450We’re very sensitive to anyone wearing white hoodies.

So, in addition to the veggie treats, this year we passed out dark chocolate squirrels, Presidential M&M’s,

Screenshot Studio capture #1449Maybe next year we’ll do fruitcake; always a big hit with kids too

and a special edition Presidential fruit and nut bar:

alice in curious land

So I wrap up this year’s Halloween post with a rewind from last year’s: you may recall that we had to call off the celebration in 2012 due to issues regarding the campaign and voting fraud concerns (not enough) related to Big Guy’s upcoming reelection. Unfortunately, nobody thought to advise Pastry Chef Yosses of the cancellation until the last minute. He was pretty upset as he had been in the kitchen working on pumpkin treats all day.

111124-pumpkinWhat do you mean we’ve cancelled Halloween!?! I’ve been working my butt off in here!

So I’m off; I understand Lady M’s holding a special tea for the six intrepid people who broke through all the “glitches” and managed to actually enroll in Obamacare last month! We love an excuse for a good tea around here. And each attendee will each receive a special, limited edition collector’s copy of the original CGI contract for development of the Obamacare website:

tumblr_m0dhqj6mkn1qj2u1wo1_400Not to exceed $800,000,000.00...or so.

So if you haven’t managed to successfully sign up for Obamacare yet, please keep those cards, letters, phone calls, tweets and keystrokes coming. Eventually you, too, might get to enroll. Maybe tomorrow.


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