Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Incoming!! All Available Boots on the Ground!

Kathleen Sebelius (aka Kathipotamus) is testifying on the Hill as I post.


So far, it looks like fun, although she looked a bit surprised to find out she was going to be sworn in; you know, “swear to tell the truth.” That always complicates matters.

I wonder if anyone’s going to ask her about Lady M’s friend’s who works for CGI? Or if anyone will dare mention the Valkarie’s son-in-law’s potential connection to the HHS contract?

Butt I tell you what – how about we just ignore all the hippopotamuses in the room:

hippos in the roomDems dancing at the Kathipotamus testimony

and check out this tantalizing squirrel instead: (h/t HuffPo)


“Those Obama girls are such trendsetters. On a trip to church on Sunday, Michelle Obama led her stylish brood in showing off some of the season's key looks.

FLOTUS and Sasha coordinated in shades of deep purple, and Michelle kept the hue current with a pair of black thigh-high boots. And Malia's statement-making coat offered a prime example of the grid-print trend we've been seeing all season.

We've seen plenty of stars like Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus and Diane Kruger in sexy suede over-the-knee stompers... though we admit Michelle might make the shoes look the classiest. We've even seen FLOTUS rock the thigh-high height before, namely, on a trip to India back in 2010. (What a trendsetter!)”

“Trendsetter” indeed! Lady M’s been rockin’ boots, both tall and short, since 2009! Here’s just a teeny sampling from our previous boot-trendsetting years, in no particular order:

December 2011: Up Where the Air is Rare

Screenshot Studio capture #1436

Where we paired the hip boots up with a new style sheath dress, the shar pei:

shar pei_thumb[1]

November 2010: The Star of India has Arrived

mo boots3

Because housedresses, brown paper bags and black suede boot sox say “fashion forward” in Hindi.

December 2010: Historic Holiday Impressions

mo and giant santa

Because…well, because we can.

October 2012: These Boots Were Made For Walking

mo lucky boots

“Forward” and over the top!

December 2011: Jackboots, Silver Boots and Thigh-Highs

slim santa mo

Because every picture tells a story.

March 2012: Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons

Screenshot Studio capture #1435

These Tory Burches were made for gardening - with panache.

February 2012: St Valentine’s Day Massacre

mo boots

Seriously: mixed paisley print wrap dress and thigh-highs! Do we rock or what?

Well, I could go on

boots_thumb_thumb_thumbChamois soft buckskin: better than buttah’!

Butt all you really need to know is that all of Lady M’s thigh-high boots are custom made by a world famous boot maker who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mo's modified Clergerie_Boots-wm copy

And if Lady M’s totally, completely awesome fabulosity on the fashion front doesn’t completely divert your attention from the dancing Dems up on the Hill:

hippo dems questioning kathipotomous

Well then, there’s still this:

The White House will air a livestream of First Lady Michelle Obama's two Let's Move! events today beginning at 2:40 PM EDT, her office said.  Joined by Sesame Street characters, Mrs. Obama will make an announcement "about marketing healthier foods to children," which will be followed by the autumn harvest of her Kitchen Garden.

As Injainjuneer advised yesterday: the garden fairies have been here to restore our Organic Garden of Good and Evil after the Teahadists destroyed it during their anarchist uprising. So we’ll be proceeding with our annual harvest after all.

I better run and get my reflector and refractor shields warmed up. Who knows what MO will wear to this year’s sweet potato harvest?

michelle-obama-walking-garden_thumb[2]Jimmy Choos, on the march

I just HOPE it’s not those trendsetting brown suede over-the-thigh boots. They give a run for it’s money when it comes to holes, gaps and system errors.

Screenshot Studio capture #1437

And I know I’ll be accused of tossing out another squirrel to divert your attention from the dismal performance of Kathipotamus, butt hey, how often do you get a chance to use a picture of a squirrel in cowboy boots?

squirrell in boots…and packin’

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