Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Star of India has Arrived

It’s hard to believe we left only 3 wardrobe changes ago. It feels like we’ve been in India forever.

For our departure we wore our new Shar Pei raincoat to go with Big Guy’s new Shar Pei face.

sharpei raincoat

The Shar Pei collection



We departed in a wonderful comfy travel dress, complete with our favorite early November flight footwear, sky high suede boots:


Then after a little shut-eye enroute, changed into our elegant silk sari inspired arrival gown:


…tie died silk, a row of covered buttons, lovely pearls and silver shoes. This is what Ikram thought colonialists wear in India. I guess it actually does look like something the Queen might wear.

The Daily Mirror (the other one) described this look like this: “Never one to shy away from a statement fashion trend, Michelle accessorised with a bold pearl necklace, and completed the look with mirror-shiny silver court shoes.”  I think by “court” they meant royal, but never-the-less, I find the term “mirror-shiny” a bit offensive.

We wore the silk-ensem to the Gandhi Museum where BO and MO left these comments for posterity:

ghandi That’s the best you can do with 300 speech writers?

Later we went dancing with underprivileged kids, and showed them how to MOOve in order to prevent them from getting fat behinds. Which doesn’t look to be much of a problem here in Mumbai:

article-1327192-0BEFF8AE000005DC-874_306x524 Barefoot and casual: I think this look would have benefited from a  cross-cultural boob-belt. 

Butt so far so good on our India vacay: no unusual gastro-intestinal disturbances – butt then that’s what our staff of 200 chefs and tasters are for.

I also snapped some great shots of Big Guy jamming with some of the local musicians. He’s really let his hair down, which is good after all the stress of the those nasty elections. I’ll be posting them a bit later, right now I think I’ll have a spot of tea with some of that special Louis XIII Cognac stocked special for the Wons. I’m feeling a bit woozy, and maybe that will help.