Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing With the Indian Stars

If your head isn’t spinning a little by now, you’re not paying attention.

First of all, the controversy over how to spell Gandhi’s name rages on with the O’s.  Beginning with the official sign-in at the Gandhi museum, where many thought Lady M forgot the correct spelling for a moment before recovering. Then someone has to go and produce this inscription that Big Guy wrote on his own book when it was presented to the museum collection previously:

can't anyone around here spell gandhi   We American’s have trouble spelling foreign names

Don’t worry though, it’s not really a misspelling. Just more international effete intellectualism.

Mumbai was a frenetic visit, punctuated by multiple events, many of which included dancing.

Here’s our second dance of the day, this time as we were entertained by children at the Holy Name High School:

holy name hs

dancers and Mo At least we have our shoes on this time.

Even BO got involved this time. Good experience. You never know when you might decide to take your show to Broadway.

dancing fool

This, of course, was after Big Guy signed some big business deals with India, our new BFF, after explaining how all Americans are ignorant and guilty of stereotyping the contributions of the Indian continent,

"There still exists a caricature of India as a land of call centers and back offices that cost American jobs. That's a real perception,"

He went on to explain how the new trade deals will create or save 50,000 jobs in America. Larry Summers added the numbers up himself.

Then there was the town hall at St. Xavier College, where the students demonstrated why we outsource so many jobs. They are willing to do the job that America journalists won’t: ask tough questions. Like, what the hell happened in the mid-term elections? BO told them he must make “mid-course corrections.” Based on his 60 Minutes interview, I think we can assume this will include more lectures, since the American people still don’t seem to get it.

And then, it was on to New Delhi.

 marine one on way to delhi nd5






the classic rearview

Good. Now that we have the jacket dance down, we can move on to some of the more complicated Indian dances. We’re planning a music and dance recital after Big Guy and TOTUS give their address to the Indian Parliament tomorrow.

Both BO and MO will be participating. Here’s a little sneak peak of one of our rehearsals:

mo dancer-2 copy

I think Lady M has her moves down, and the guns are looking great, butt I think we still need to work on the costume. Big Guy’s got the costume down, but he still needs a little work on the moves. Don’t worry though, we’re flying DeneyTarrio in tonight for a crash-tutorial. By all accounts, Big Guy’s a quick learner, so nothing to worry about there.