Monday, November 8, 2010

New Delhi Whirl

This trip is such a whirlwind I can hardly keep up with the wardrobe changes.

Here’s what we’ve had going since yesterday:

archetectual guide K.K. Muhammed The mini-Taj Mahal (and our mini-guide)

mini taj The mini-Taj Mahal (and BO and MO)

106610351 Another couture dress with special MO features

BO was quite taken with Humayun’s Tomb (aka, the mini-Taj):

“I was told this was built in seven years. And for us to build something in seven years in the United States this big would be kind of tough. I give them a lot of credit. Good contractors.”

Translation: We suck, butt you guys are terrific!

And yup, their contractors were the best. Butt I understand the actual laborers weren’t represented by the SEIU and didn’t earn a living wage. Butt some oppressors are worse than others.

We had a chance to dazzle our hosts with our tallness at dinner last night:


Lady M in Presidential flats

The embroidered jacket could almost be vintage St. John from the 90’s. Butt I’m sure it’s not. And look: we finally found pants that don’t cause that “unseamly” binding. And nothing is wrinkled! I’m happy.

deli dinner Wouldn’t this make a nice set of salt and pepper shakers?

The ensemble was actually a homage to Indian dress uniforms, seen here in the background behind Gibbsy’s finger (on the left hand):

homage to indian uniforms

We’ve also been busy shopping, visiting with the adorable little children, throwing rose petals and laying commemorative wreaths (in New Delhi, we couldn’t make the Fort Hood services this year due to a scheduling conflict).



no fat behinds here

No fat behinds here! I smell a vegetarian FDA food pyramid coming soon

gandhi's ceremony Maybe we’re doing vintage this season: this looks vaguely ‘70s

mahatma gandhi ceremony nd 

Mmmm! Donuts!

So far the only thing missing is a bow. We’ve had to settle for the universal ethnic restaurant gesture of superiority.

practicing our best ethnic rest moves

However, we still have our address to Parliament, so it’s too early to give up. Speaking of which, Big Guy is up, so I’ve got to run.