Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falling Stars: Midday Update

I hope New Delhi appreciates our fabulosity a whole lot more than Mumbai did. They seemed nice while we were there, but like so many of our ingrates back home, they took a snipe at us as soon as we turned our backs:

uh uh wrinkle alert

Well, OK maybe they thought we were dissing them with our sloppy clothes, but we just forgot to pack the Static Guard again. So look what they wrote in their stupid paper (HT/ C Gardener):

God's truth, the city was glad to see him go.

Who would have guessed that Mumbai was populated by so many Tea Partiers? I blame myself for not putting 2 and 2 together: Darjeeling, Assam, chai. Well, you get my drift.

So good riddance Mumbai,


hello New Delhi!



note to self need steamer on AF1

Bright and refreshed after our flight and wardrobe change. I’m going to remember to pack the steamer and Static Guard myself next time. Although that’s technically Wardrobe Assistant # 17’s job.

I’m sure things will be much better on this leg of the tricp. I’m picking up much better vibes here.

watchoutfor thecoconuts

“Yes, Sahib, we’ve now removed all of the coconuts from the palms. They will all be delivered to Sahib and Rani’s suite, along with a gallon bottle of Bombay Saphire.”