Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Metallica Mystery Tour … continues

bow after speechAh, finally! The Imperial bow.

Big Guy’s patronizing speech to the Indian Parliament was sort of confusing. Not the patronizing part - we do imperialism rather well - but the part where he  praised India's democratic institutions: its free electoral system, independent judiciary, the rule of law, and a free press: all things that he opposes in the United States.

And apparently TOTUS refused to condemn jihad, to the dismay of some people both in India and the U.S.

Butt damn! Big Guy does love the Indian ceremonial guards and chefs.

 honor guard

Can we get some of these to take home? They’d look good in the Big White.


    Then the Indians threw us a swell state dinner. We pulled out all the stops, including our special hair, lip gloss, gold silk organza blouse, gold mini-boob belt and our special tinfoil reptilian patterned skirt that we had been saving for Indonesia.

  silk organza Another potential salt and pepper set for our collection 

I wasn’t really sure we were going to get to go to Indonesia until we actually departed in our schizophrenic dress and blue Cinderellas.

all aboard rear

Officially the hesitation regarding the trip was due to the volcanic eruption:


Although the real eruptions we were concerned about were more domestic:

protest jakarta I can’t imagine what it must be like - being rejected by 2 of your 3 countries.

Anyway, Lady M went native for our deplaning and arrival,

arrrivaladding her own fashion forward touch to this traditional Indonesian dress style. Our wide-legged pants and lace trimmed, boob-cinched tunic style top was unexpected. And unprecedented.

Ms.NBC explains the importance of this Indonesian trip by BO and MO:

U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday on a visit aimed at boosting U.S. security and trade ties with Indonesia, and using the most populous Muslim nation to reach out to the wider Islamic world.

Indonesia — an emerging economic power but also a country where U.S.-backed military and police still stifle dissent — is an important destination for Obama for a variety of strategic and personal reasons, aides said. Its importance as a U.S. ally is on the rise, even if the joy over Obama's election has faded since he became president almost two years ago.

Occasionally, even Ms.NBC gets it right. We never know when we might need an ally who still believes in stifling dissent.

PS: Don’t miss Fausta’s take on Big Guy’s Parliamentary message! What India needs: more bureaucrats, or something.