Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Chuck & Barry Show. A Little Weekend Fun

Query: What do Big Guy and Prince Charles have in common – aside from the big ears? And all those gay rumors which, mind you, are just rumors.

Well for starters, as you’ll see below, they both love to bust a move:



barry and ellen

Dancing gaily

 Bo and Medvedevarticle-1162138-03E6CAE6000005DC-208_468x684

The do-si-do, two ways

AADS002126 Pg-08-President-Bar_116161t

Chuck with Lady Di, Barry with Lady M

And of course they both recently enjoyed dancing in India:

bg dancing with the urchins Barry in Mumbai

INDIA Chuck in Jodhpur

The local Indian press documented the Chuck and Barry shows, demonstrating their respective dance skills.

(Later BO practiced his leg placement so as to get that Prince Charles mojo thing going.)

kim yook-ok


Of course, the real Chuck Berry has (UPDATED to reflect Chuck’s still dancing onstage! H/T: Moright) a few better moves than either of them:

And if you watch this next Vid till the end, you’ll see that barefoot UmaThurman obviously taught Lady M how to do the Koli dance (starting at approximately the 1:57 mark), although Big Guy was too busy organizing communities at the time to learn his steps from John Travolta:

But I digress: back to Chuck and Barry. Big ears, dancing in India and, finally, and odd affinity for umbrellas:

  Prince c and lady Carmella prince c umbrella

prince charles umbrella

morton salt girl



Maybe it’s a royal thing.

Oh, and one last thing the two have in common: they both married fashion forward fashion icons. Prince Charles, to his credit, twice.





Have a nice weekend!