Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philly, Bridgeport, Chicago, Illinois: All Aboard!

While Lady M was busy packin’ Halloween treats for distribution later this evening at the Big White, Big Guy was busy packin’ the house. On the campaign trail, I mean. He’s trying to save America from the clutches of the the Party of Hell No: the Republicans – who drove us into this ditch we can’t figure out how to get out of.

BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, COLORIZED Captain on the bridge to nowhere

NOT EVEN A PODIUM IN PHILLY Moving forward in Philly – without so much as a podium!

On to Bridgeport, Ct.

CONNECTICUT 10-30 LOOKING GOULISH Practicing our goulish poses for Halloween in Ct.

At least they had our podium there.

FireShot-_2 Unfortunately they also had ‘a whole bunch of’ racist haters misguided youts’ who just wanted to let off some steam by heckling Big Guy. At least it was friendly fire.

But finally – on to Chi-town, where our real friends are.



opening at the sands next week OPENING AT THE SANDS NEXT WEEK!

I thought for sure there would be someone in Chicago we trusted enough to hang our POTUS seal, but apparently not. I’m not sure what that means.


We’re off to Cleveland now, for a HUGE get out the vote rally this afternoon. JoeyB’s coming too, so that should be fun. Then back to the Big White for our 2nd historic Halloween party.

Tune in later today for a review of Lady M’s Halloween costume options, and vote for your favorite. Remember, every one of your votes counts - at least once.