Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sheep Seeking their Won True god: Reprise the Temple Columns-BREAKING NEWS UPDATED

So here’s a question that should be easy to answer - why can’t these guys from the Big White staff,

set up for briefing room the making of the president: trappings and optics are tantamount

who are setting up the Briefing Room for yesterday’s impromptu message from Big Guy about the Al Qaeda terrorists who still want to blow us up:

yemen See?

just travel with Big Guy on the road so he can always look presidential? Looking presidential, by definition, requires the Presidential Seal be affixed properly to the podium behind which Big Guy delivers his attacks, dictums and messages of Hope and Change.

And if they would go with, we would not have to deal with this continuing problem that we encountered again yesterday at Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello’s rally:

perriello How can you look presidential when you can’t trust anyone to hang your POTUS seal?

And if he had his POTUS seal right there, where it belongs, you wouldn’t even notice how scary Big Guy is starting to look.



now we've gone over the edge frothing we’re so passionate we’re starting to froth at the mouth a little

Seriously, he’s even starting to scare his fan base, who are usually  scared only by mean Republicans and fundamental Christians.

behold thy godbe not afraid children: embrace thy god

We’ve got to get those two guys from the Big White assigned to the road crew before it’s too late. It’s already gone beyond the seal, we need those columns now too. If Dewey from Detroit can get it right, we can too. Yes We Can!

Busy,busy schedule the weekend before Armageddon. I hope Big Guy takes my advice.

Meanwhile, Lady M and the other ladies of the krewe attended a funeral in Chicago yesterday.

102910brazier-50 Lady M, Val, and Susan, all in black, attend a funeral

That’s not really a good omen. And why is MO smiling?

Oct29-2010_2brazier612 There, that’s more like it.


Dateline Big White: White House Mouthpiece, Robert “Bagdad Bob” Gibbs this morning, calmed American’s fears about an imminent terrorist attack. Bagdad Bob confirmed that in spite of a wave of terrorist bombs sent to America from Yemen and Dubai aboard cargo planes, he will not, repeat NOT, cancel his campaign appearances for dead Dems walking. Big Guy will not alter his plans to make rousing campaign appearances in 5 states over the next 3 days that include stops in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Asked about the likely mid-term loss of control of the Congress, Gibbsy said "The president was quite clear on this: We are taking this threat very seriously."  He continued, "The president's travel plans both this evening and tomorrow at this point are not expected to change.”

Asked by this reporter why Big Guy is not cancelling campaign activities to focus on defending Americans from another terrorist attack, Gibbsy said “I’ll let Big Guy respond in his own words:”

Bagdad Bob also reaffirmed that, no matter what the voters say, “We are not giving the keys back to the Republicans.”

No word on whether or not the Chicago stop includes a visit with Rahm “Toes” Emanuel at the Division Street Schvitz.

This is MOTUS reporting from Big White. Back to you Chet.