Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bellevue, Medina and on to San Fran Nan

We chose the perfect all day snacking outfit for yesterday’s grueling campaign trip to the Left Coast:

snack pouch Is that a snack pouch in the front of our blouse?

Peter Pilotto was the lucky $14 million lottery winner!

pouchyPatty, Dr. Jill and Mo, all in a row

For the first lunch we wore his new Fall print blousey top with a special tummy pouch. I’m not sure who designed the baggy black slacks, but they seem to have been designed to survive multiple lunches too.

Lady M really fired up the mostly female crowd:

"This election isn't just about all that we've accomplished these past couple of years. This election is about all that we have left to do in the months and years ahead," (YIKES.) "And Washington, let me just say this: My husband can't do this alone.”

Butt, we’re taking no chances. We’re hitting the airwaves today to ensure all our supporters get out to vote ahead of the elections so they can vote again next Tuesday.

As she told the crowd yesterday:

"You see, the one thing I asked all of you over the course of the campaign - I said, 'If I'm giving you my husband, then you have to have his back.'

And as we all know, there’s no better way to “have his back” than to vote early and often. Of course, this message is only meant for those who don’t want to give her her husband back, immediately.


And speaking of Big Guy, his POTUS seal is still missing in action. As was Rhode Island’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Frank Caprio whom Big Guy declined to endorse because, well, it looks like Independent Lincoln Chaffee has a better shot at winning. And we’re partial to winners in our column now.

Mr. Caprio indicated he didn’t care about the endorsement anyway, in a typically colorful, Rhode Island way. Man, where’s Buddy Cianci when we need him?

FireShot-_3 Providence Mayor David Cicilline, running for Congress, does care what Big Guy does with his endorsements. He may change his mind next Tuesday.

And of course, there was our San Francisco fund raiser last night. Look: the ladies all went for hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe changes after the Seattle round of fundraising.


Watch out Barbara, Elizabeth and Whoopie! The new Ladies of the View have arrived.

And you too, Oprah. We’re not going to be in Washington for ever.

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