Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wu, Wu, Wu! Raise the Roof.


mo mariaThis is our new Jason Wu gathered leaf print chiffon bodice dress, paired with our signature Alaia boob belt.

We knocked them dead in Hollywood! First stop: a bit south in Long Beach at the Women’s Conference. We wore our favorite custom Jason Wu morning conference gown by that adorable little boy doll designer who just gets Lady M. Although I’m thinking he might want to consider taking some new measurements around the, uh, equator zone. I’m not being critical, just trying to prevent him from going out of business too.

Look how awestruck the audience is at MO’s remarks:

ladies enjoying the speechifyingThey’re mesmerized 

Lady M did a special shout out to military spouses at the Women’s Conference (I’m sure there were a lot of them there), explaining that military spouses have special demands placed on them. She explained how they sacrifice almost as much as she, herself, does for her country. She asked her audience to reach out to these struggling spouses (if they know any) and offer a comforting hand of friendship, adding:

"It is what we do for our sisters, it is what we do for our girlfriends, our mothers and our daughters. We show up. We show up at the door with some food. We show up at the door with some chocolate. And if things are really bad we show up with a bottle of wine. We, as women, know how to reach out. We know how to support each other. And the question is: What can we as women do to support our military spouses?"

Well, I guess she just answered that; food, chocolate and wine. What else could they possibly need?

Here’s MO and Maria doing a boobs, guns and butt side-by-side. I reflect, you decide:


applause applauseDoes this Shriver make my butt look big?

I’m giving the guns to Mo, with hooters and butts going to Maria. She probably takes the hair category too, but that’s not really a fair competition.

Then we rolled on to Los Angeles to do what we do best: raise money for the cranky little Senator:

hallo every bod-ie Hallo every bod-ie!

I don’t care who designs these dresses, I’ve told them all a million times: a wallpaper pattern with a wallpaper fit is beyond my powers of refraction. Sheeze, I wish they would cut me (and Lady M) a little slack. It’s not as if I don’t have enough to worry about around here.

This audience was a little more animated than the one in the morning. MO gave a rousing speech to the clearly excited crowd, exhorting them to:

… stay the course for change [?? is that concept not mutually exclusive??], saying she knows it's not coming fast enough for many people. [which? staying the course, or change?]

Ha, ha! That’s a good one! They can’t wait for next Tuesday either.