Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slam Dunkin’ Donuts for Dollars

Monday’s going to require special attention to both our dress and containment system. Apparently we’ve been scheduled to attend not one, but TWO luncheons in Seattle, followed by  dinner in San Francisco. What were we thinking?

First we’ve got a fundraiser lunch for Patty Murray who apparently still needs a little boost even after Big Guy spent nearly the entire day eating donuts with her.

obama%20aat%20doughnut%20shopx-largeHere, stuff this Mr. President

When we’re done with that lunch, we’re headed over to have our real lunch at Costco founder Jeff Brotman’s house. It’s priced at a reasonable $1000 for the salad, chicken breast and chocolate lava cake (which you can get at Costco in the convenient 3 dozen pack for just $14.95)

choc lava

For $7500 you also get a picture. With Lady M, not the chocolate lava cake.

Then we’re on to San Francisco where we’ll hook up with Fancy Nancy for a reception and dinner for “Please Call-me-Senator-Boxer” (pleeeze!) at the Fairmont Hotel.

eeeuuu  Careful, Don’t manhandle Madame Senator

So you see why I’m concerned about potential wardrobe failure. I’ve suggested something along the lines of last weeks fuchsia model with that great front expansion panel, only with a new non-cling containment system.

here's the butt

Butt MO has nixed that idea. I can’t wait to see what she decides on.

caucus-michelle-articleInline Maybe we’ll just go with a basic black expansion joint

So we’re just packin’ today, ahead of our West Coast swing. And staying out of Big Guy’s way. He had a grueling week, wrapping it up late last night in Minneapolis where he and Big Nan were raising tons of money (something he’s still really good at) for Mark Dayton. After telling his favorite joke about the car in a ditch (polite laughter), he got a little nostalgic:

And so let me just leave you with this thought. I know that because this has been a tough couple of years I’ve had people come back — come up to me sometimes and say, gosh, when you were elected in 2008, that was so exciting. Election night was just unbelievable, and then Inauguration Day, you had Beyoncé singing and — (laughter) — Bono. And I was at the inauguration and it was just so inspiring. And I’ve got to admit, Mr. President, sometimes over the last couple of years, with all the negative ads and all the money that’s been pouring in, all the filibustering and obstruction in Congress, sometimes I just start losing altitude, start losing hope. It just seems like change is so hard to bring about.

He said it’s because (pseudo) facts, (fake)science and (illogical)arguments aren’t working anymore because people are scared and frustrated and no longer thinking straight.

Butt, as the “elegant, beautiful and tough” Speaker explained, that’s not really the problem.

NP-SHAZAMWell, Ok, tough 

The real problem, Nancy explained, is that “Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where – because they won’t disclose it – is pouring in.” I don’t know where it came from either, butt in the past our money has always come from George Soros, so maybe they could check with him.

Meanwhile, we can’t even afford to hire a trusted aide to travel with us to make sure the POTUS seal stays affixed to our podium. It’s just not fair!