Monday, November 1, 2010

What a Bust: Big White Halloween Party

Can you believe it, after all the work I did? Big Guy shows up in the same costume as last year and Lady M comes as the great pumpkin. Not even a nice set of cat whiskers. Nothing but sparkly mascara.


What a let down from last year. I hope the adorable little kids who came to trick or treat in their COSTUMES didn’t notice. At least they read the invitation which clearly stated it was a COSTUME party.

However, compared to last year we really toned everything down. Instead of our home grown organic butterflies captured in bubbles like we had in ‘09,

fairy this year we had… hula hoops.


Butt then, we are in the middle of Bush’s recession, so we had to scale back so as not to appear as if we are not feeling everybody else’s pain.

So instead of last year’s extravaganza of musical groups, entertainment and elaborate decorations we had squash and a local theatrical troupe dressed up like dead people wandering around the Big White grounds scaring the little children. No truth to the rumor that they were all Democratic Congressional members auditioning for their next gig:

gate crashersAbe Lincoln. NOT Harry Reid and Fancy Nancy 

great pumpkinAt least somebody dressed up like Michael Jackson 

illegal aliens Lady M and Big Guy meet with a couple of illegal aliens, and extract their promise to vote Democratic on Tuesday. Twice.

Regarding the goodie bags that the First Family handed out, well let’s just say the kids don’t come here for the treats. They were identical to last year’s “treat” bags: Organic cookies (made with honey from our own busy bees) boxes of M&M’s with Big Guy’s name on them, and dried organic fruit.

obmm213You know their parents aren’t going to let them eat these Presidential boxes of M&M’s

Oh well, at least we found something to do with all of Lady M’s left

SQUASH FROM THE ORGANIC GARDEN over organic squash. I sure hope we don’t have to have it for dinner again.


Squash Inukshuks: how clever.

inukshuks-red-bay_20176 Inukshuks in Red Bay, Labrodor                  photo by Rolf Hicker

In Canada, the Inuits build them to “stand in the place of men.” This is a two-fer: we get rid of the squash, and they can take the place of the dead-Dems-walking.