Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leavin’ Las Vegas

It was an early morning call after all the Halloween festivities. Butt when Harry Reid needs us we’ll be there. Anyway, the lack of sleep probably explains the return of the little eye. Although I suppose it could be from an OD of BOtox. We’ve had to deal with that unfortunate situation more than a couple of times.

little eye That’s a wee-little eye

But it’s more likely lack of sleep. Which would also explain the, uh, rather unusual ensemble we chose for Harry’s last hurrah in Vegas, baby!

here's  a classy flotus look

I know we’ve been pumping iron like crazy, and I know we’re in Vegas, baby. But maybe something a little less, well, showgirl, and a little more FLOTUS-Y  might have been OK too?

Speaking of Harry’s last hurrah, it looks like it ends not with a bang, but a whimper:

ive seen this skirt beforeDon’t yell at Harry, he’s already very sorry. Along with a ‘whole bunch of’ other folks

I can barely believe I’m going to say this, butt this skirt by Diane von Furstenburg  looked better last fall  when we wore it with our ruffles, stretchy sweater thingy and favorite artillery boob belt. At least it didn’t look like a Speedo equipped with the extra-long skirt  for maximum bottom camouflage.

Completely OT, butt which angry eyebrows do you prefer, last year’s or this year’s?



Here’s a candid of Lady M speaking from the heart:

there's a message here somewhere

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton told people "I keep looking for this enthusiasm gap the Republicans say exists, and I can't find it to save my life,"  heh heh: That Big Dawg has always had a great sense of humor:

Dateline: Cleveland, Sunday October 31. Big Guy and JoeyB address the modest butt adoring crowd.obamacrowd Enthusiasm gap identified in the second tier. The Dems making enough money to be “rich” stayed home to spend more time with their families.

Butt Lady M wasn’t quite done yet: on to Philadelphia for one last campaign plea for the lazy Dems to get out and robo-vote for Joe Sestack ( who we may, or may not, have tried to take out of the race).

Wisely, we added a turtleneck and long sleeves, as it was quite chilly in Philly. I’m not sure what those rubber O-rings at the shoulders are. Maybe some kind of subtle reminder that we are the ones you’ve been waiting for?

Sestak philly

Oh wait, it’s just a fashion forward trim piece. I must remind MO to keep her flaps down  when she wears this.

turtle and sleeves added   

You probably think I should be talking about today’s elections instead of MO’s eyebrows and wardrobe, seeing as how this could be another huge, historic election.  But the fact is, we’ve already done everything we can, including voting multiple times, and there’s nothing to do now but sit back and wait for the bad news.

And what are we going to do if we lose the big election today?

We’re going to Desi-World!