Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Election Blues (and Reds)

As P.J. said, “This was not an election, it was a restraining order.” And I guess we got served last night.


I’m exhausted. I’ve been on suicide watch all night, but everyone around here has finally passed out, so I’ll give you a little update and then go grab some shut-eye ahead of our presser at 1:00 PM.

It sure wasn’t pretty around here. Big Guy doesn’t do rejection well, so he’s in deep denial, throwing things around and blaming George W. Bush for everything. Pretty much the same with Lady M, only she’s blaming BO. Thankfully she went to bed with a sick headache around 2:00 AM.

Little Bo, who is a rather nervous breed, was hunkered down in my bunker with Little Mo and Raj watching the the election results. They had Fox on, which I didn’t even know we could get here in the Big White, but apparently Raj jury-rigged something up. Plus, they heard that Hugh Hewitt was on until till 3:00 AM, so they were streaming that too. It got pretty rowdy in there, and this morning there were popcorn bags and root beer bottles all over the place. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of them yet.

But anyway you slice it, it looks like the Repubs got Daddy’s car keys back last night. So instead of shooting straight out of the ditch and over the cliff they’re going to put the car in reverse, look for the deficit reduction exit that we blew past last year and backup on the ramp.

Butt, we’ll soldier on, choosing to focus on the positives coming out of this election. Like MO’s continuing mojo which worked so well for Harry:

prayin' might not hurt  Mo pulls one out for Prince Harry

Mo’s endorsement, along with the busloads of undocumented Democrats from Tijuana, managed to save Harry Reid’s skinny arse. Ain’t that a treat?

current and remaining Put your hands together for your reigning Senate Majority Leader! Harry Reid – He’s our man! If he can’t do it no one can!

Also remaining on our team: Barbara “call me Senator for another term” Boxer, Fancy Nancy (although we’ve heard rumors she wishes to spend more time with her family), and Barney Frank. So we’re good.

We’re also taking cold comfort in having defeated that witch (Christine, not Nancy), and winning one for our favorite Vietnam era, non-Vietnam vet, Richard Blumenthal. (I know I shouldn’t pick on people’s looks, but seriously, is it a requirement in Connecticut that you have to look like a ghoul to win?  These two are sooo invited to next year’s Halloween party.

De%20Lauro%208-2-10 57271622

Rosa DeLauro, D. Rep. Ct          Blumenthal, D.Senator elect

Well, I guess we’ll just have to grab a mop now and clean up this mess. I guess that will start at our 1:00 presser. I sure hope we don’t take many questions though, because Big Guy’s going to be hung-over and his voice will be raspy from that carton of cigs he smoked last night. I just know he’s not going to be in the mood for taking questions about our little $200 mil/day vacay.

Maybe it will help if he and Alexi have a little hair of the dog this morning.

los tres amigos  We’ll  both have an orange-Giannoulias, with a double vodka.

*Sigh* I guess we’ll just have to get used to the Republican shift from the Party of “No” to the the party of “Stop It!”