Friday, December 27, 2013

If You Duck This Holiday Season, Please Duck Responsibility.

Let me be clear: that is not a string of Christmas lights bedecking Lady M’s forehead:

Michelle Obama President Obama Arrives Holiday O0k7xNricNVl

Nor is it a portable landing strip for either Santa or Marine Won:

Screenshot Studio capture #1573

They’re Kwanzaa lights, and apparently they’re quite fashionable.


And don’t act like you’ve never seen them before, because MO rocked them last year too.

mo bo craig white house 2012[3]BO, First Bro-in-law, Craig, and MO; Big White, 2012

As I went to great lengths to point out at the time (in Headband Heroines) the look was MO’s nod to another ‘schtrong’ woman-of-Washington who also had to occasionally stand by her selfie-involved man:

hill the headband years

Hill, in turn, was casting herself in the Eva Peron role: the heroic spouse who succeeded her recently departed husband as president of the bereaved country:

Screenshot Studio capture #1576

And I speculated at the time that perhaps Lady M was likewise preparing herself for that roll:

Screenshot Studio capture #1575(Sorry; I know I promised to stay away from the pit shots for awhile, butt I thought you might be interested in its provenance)

While Eva (affectionately known as Evita by her subjects) was not known for rocking headbands per se, she was a huge fan of hats:

evitaperonmundoperonistanum62…with black Kwanzaa lights

Hills just updated the concept with headbands, and Lady M, with sparkly doo rags.

Anyway, back to Lady M’s newest look, trust me: it could have been worse. The sparklies come in everything from butterflies to stars, so the landing strip motif was really not that bad.

Screenshot Studio capture #1577

And since I think that The Other McCain already let the duck out of the bag:

AandE ducks

I might as well go ahead and tell you we’re looking to expand our cache to encompass the Duck Dynasty franchise. And since everyone knows how notoriously lowbrow that crowd is, we’re keeping the new doo rags  low key too.

The article about the new show quoted Big Guy from his infamous presser last week, in which he kind-of-sort-of-did-and-didn’t-take-responsibility for the Obamacare fiasco:

On Obamacare, the president allowed he’d made mistakes when it came to the health care rollout. “Even though I was meeting every other week, every three weeks with folks and emphasizing how important it was that consumers have a good experience … the fact is it didn’t happen in the first month, first six weeks in a way that was at all acceptable, and since I’m in charge, obviously we screwed it up.”

Because, like, when you meet “every other week, every three weeks” you, like, just expect your little people to take care of “stuff” for you. And they didn’t. That’s why the not so royal in this case “we” “screwed up.” Smitty explained:

“You’ve got to respect a leader that’s singular in his understanding of who’s in charge, and somehow, ambiguously, vaguely plural in his grasp of who tubed it.”

I, for one, think “Duck Responsibility” will be a big, big hit. And it’s not like there haven’t been duck hunters in the White House before:

clintons duck dynastyYes, that’s a Duck Commander duck call hanging from his neck. They don’t call him “Bubba” for nothing.

In fact Big Guy’s a big fan of the ducks! Why, even his own dearly departed (RIP Stanley Ann) mother was a duck lover:

mom stanley ann dunham's duck

So it just feels right that the next “Dynasty” show take place right here – beards and all.

Duck_Dynasty_Obama_Quack_DynastySure to be a hit: staring Barry and his beard. h/t Peoples Cube

And if I do say so myself, I think I can so totally rock this look!

MOTUS Duck Dynasty camo copy


Everybody’s Happy, Happy, Happy!

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