Friday, December 11, 2015

Education: It Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be

There really are no words. Butt since I’m MOTUS to the FLOTUS, that makes me the official apologist so allow me to give it a go: yesterday Lady M launched her "Better Room" campaign,

Bad Ass Jay Pharoah, SNL Obama impersonator, and Bad Ass Lady M, FLOTUS impersonator

it’s part of her signature Reach Higher initiative aimed at motivating teens to "go to college." Because, you know, nobody has ever told kids before how important college is these days. It’s where you go to finish your official government indoctrination programing (so it really should be free), learn about micro-aggressions, hate speech, and your right to “safe places” and other schtuff that will prepare you for life in the grownup world.
So it’s perfectly understandable that Lady M would feel as though she really has to motivate teens to go to college: they will  be forced to live in dorm rooms bigger than their grandparents first 2 apartments, eat meals prepared for them 3 times a day - butt not necessarily all their favorites like mom used to make - and learn how to do homework all by themselves. I’m sure most kids would rather go out on their own, get a job, and be truly responsible and independent…oh wait, no; that was a different generation.
Anyway, about the video:
Created by comedy website CollegeHumor [ed. college humor sure ain’t what it used to be] as part of the first lady's "Better Make Room" education initiative, the video teams up Mrs. Obamawith Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah -- known for his spot-on President Obama impressions on the late-night variety show -- in a true melding of musical talent.[ed. musical talent sure ain’t what it used to be.] – CBS News
So…comedy rap: “Southside Chicago we all know we had to do overtime every night to make it tomorrow and everyone could really make their dream true. Hey kid, listening in Michigan that could be you.” See what I mean? Comedy used to be funny.
And as far as it being any kind of “music” let alone a “melding of musical talent” – well, I’ll let you judge that for yourself.
H/T to Fausta for locating the video: and now let me be clear, the above should be considered a warning, watch at your own risk)

According to a White House statement, Better Make Room is meant to "celebrate education, change the national conversation, and reach students directly where they are and give them a space to create content while also navigating the college-going process." - CBS News
I get the “change the national conversation” part, terrorism is such a drag. Butt if that’s a celebration of education, I’d just have to say, education sure ain’t what it used to be.

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