Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Silly Wabbit, Tricks Are For Kids


Judge Napolitano thinks that Barry’s common sense approach to gun “safety” is a Trojan horse. He called the Prezzy’s proposed “no-fly, no-guns” law a trick used to find a way around a Supreme Court decision he hates.


Now - in addition to being placed on a no-fly list by some nameless, faceless, Kafkaesque bureaucracy accountable to no one – you may also be denied your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Expressing the opinion of many others, the Judge expects that this ‘common sense’ measure will expand the “no fly, no arms” list exponentially. He also thinks the concept is unconstitutional – in case that sort of thing still bothers you – as it provides no due process, no right to appeal, no right to challenge and no access to a jury of your peers.

All because of one vewy twicky wabbit:

President Obama attends the annual Easter Egg Roll, Washington D

And while you may think that tricks are just for kids, here’s a little known fact about the Twicky Wabbit : There’s actually a second half to the Trix Slogan:

“Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids” goes the slogan we all know. This commerical, first shown in the 1960s, shows the devious nature of our favorite breakfast crusader, escaping the clutches of the children who won’t give him Trix, whispering, “and sometimes for tricky rabbits!” Am I the only one who never remembers hearing this? 

That’s right: “and sometimes for tricky rabbits!” 

ready shoot aimThe Twicky Wabbit goes hunting; leading from behind - ready, fire, aim.

Consider yourself warned, you must be vewy, vewy careful around this guy; not only is he a twicky wabbit, he’s also a member of the gang who couldn’t shoot straight.

bugs bunny war

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