Monday, December 7, 2015

“I Vant To Pump You Up!”

Between yesterday’s pre-party,




and post-party, Barry managed to squeeze in a little lecture to the American people from the Oval Office:


Not sure why, as he didn’t actually say anything. I think the original plan was to announce his plan for an Executive Order gun grab butt public sentiment seems to be running high against that so he needs to wait for things to cool down a bit before whipping out his pen. He did finally allow the word “terrorism” to pass his lips butt still couldn’t bring himself to use the word in the same sentence as “Islamic.”

So the message was a little odd: He’s not going to change anything, as his tactics have been so effective in containing “ISIL” to date. Now it’s time for the do-nothing Congress to get on board. Although what he wants them to do is unclear, as Barry made it clear there will absolutely not be any (more) boots on the ground.

So there. Whatever. I’ve got to go. There are more important people waiting for me at the Kennedy Center.

"Tonight, we honor five artists who helped tell the story of the first American century through music, theater, and film -– and by doing so, helped to shape it, helped to inspire it, helped to fortify our best instincts about ourselves," Obama said in introducing the honorees to a star-studded audience that also included director Steven Spielberg, comedian Stephen Colbert, actor Tyler Perry, actress Julie Andrews, actress Kerry Washington, playwright Lin Manuel Miranda, director Martin Scorsese, musician Herbie Hancock, singer Janelle Monae, actress Rosie Perez and singer Usher. –USA Today

So I guess it’s going to be up to US to figure out how to deal with state sponsored terrorism:

Screen Capture #014

Barry’s too busy with gym class:

obama-working-out-leaked“I vant to pump you up!”

You just keep pumping, Big Guy, and we’ll keep pumping too.


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