Saturday, December 12, 2015

Power To The People!

Are you following this little story? A train pulls into Braintree station; moments later it leaves with nobody in the driver’s seat and barrels down the track at breakneck speed, blowing through station after station, terrifying the few passengers aboard who were awake. Finally, somebody notices and pulls the plug on the third rail, cutting power to the out-of-control train and bringing it to a stop.

The train “operator” had apparently tied a cord to the throttle, did not set the brake, and stepped off the train – possibly to check on the status of the weather. The situation does raise the question of sabotage/terrorism butt so far the MBTA is maintaining their position that “mistakes were made.”

Sounds like a metaphor for America to me. I wonder who’s writing these scripts?
footnote:third rail” in politics is a metaphor for any issue so controversial that it is "charged" and "untouchable" to the extent that any politician or public official who dares to broach the subject will invariably suffer politically. The metaphor comes from the high-voltage third rail in some electric railway systems. Stepping on this usually results in electrocution, and the use of the term in politics relates to the risk of "political death" that a politician would face by tackling certain issues. – Wiki
Cutting the power to the Left’s Third Rails one immigration issue at a time

Bring it! I’m Electric!

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