Friday, March 9, 2018

#FLOTUS Friday: Alfa Male Edition

Little Rocket Man, who once called President Trump “mentally deranged,” has offered to suspend his nuclear testing program and meet with our Very Stable Genius in a few weeks to see what’s what.

Washington is in melt down. It’s just too much for one news cycle: President imposes trade tariffs (as he said he would!) and now…this! All after a year and a half of the MSM trying to legitimize their own story-of-the-century, Russia!Russia!Russia! It’s enough to drive them mad: their narrative is losing!

How can this be? It’s almost as if the Trump America First strategy (that they strongly disapprove of) is working, but how? It cannot be as simple as telling people what you intend to do, establishing a strategy to do it and then following through. No, VSGPDT must have a secret weapon.


I wonder what it could be?


Whatever it is the world needs more of that and less of this:

beta male 2Hollywood Reporter cover story this week: Triumph of the Beta Male

All I know for sure is that Beta Males do NOT triumph, they may dream of triumph, they may write about triumph, they may talk about triumph, but they are not the triumphant.

91786143Beta Male Robert Smigel and his hand puppet, Triumph the Insult Dog: How Betas “Triumph”

That right is reserved for Alfa Males and it always will be. Sorry, but you can’t mess with Mother Nature, it’s in the contract.


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