Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#TransformationTuesday: Transforming the Google Machine

If you’ve been paying attention you know that it’s #TransformationTuesday – the day we explore all the ways  Obama and his mignons are still trying and/or succeeding in fundamentally transforming America. Many of these transformers are in government but the public sector harbors some as well: take Google for example. Long known as a bastion of leftist biases, censorship and abuse of it’s search engine monopoly it recently has used its power to shutdown YouTube videos (mostly conservative) that it doesn’t approve of.


“The Google Machine” and a handful of other high-tech companies rule the Internet through a combination of data mining (spying), misrepresentation of search results and censorship. They have become Orwellian.


Last week Breitbart highlighted the action taken by YouTube to silence non-progressive voices. Last summer Zero Hedge documented this dangerous trend:

Political totalitarianism is coming to America, and it is being ushered in not by government thugs in jackboots but by progressive activists and their allies in Silicon Valley.

A number of troubling actions by internet companies — Google most prominent among them — are making it increasingly clear that some in Silicon Valley have proclaimed themselves defenders of the progressive, politically correct faith, and that those firms will silence any and all heretics who challenge those beliefs.

"Silicon Valley lives in a politically regressive, exclusive bubble. They are not aware of their own biases in how they talk, have a limited understanding of the philosophy behind free speech, and find it difficult empathizing with other points of view," said Aaron Ginn, co-founder of the Lincoln Network, a think tank that seeks to promote libertarian ideas in the tech industry.Zero Hedge

So today I’m the one transforming; although normally anti-regulation, I’ve transformed my positon with regards to Big Tech. We already have laws in place to provide for the regulation of public utility monopolies, and given that Big Techs are both a public utility and monopoly, by definition, I say subject them to the progressive model they love so much. Competition is the preferred method of managing any economic sector but until such time as there exists some de facto competition in this sector, like I said -  I’m transforming.

So let them eat cake.

google-creepy-cake-1508929875Help! I’m melting!

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