Thursday, March 8, 2018

#ThroughbackThursday: Betty Ann Edition

How fortuitous: it’s #ThroughbackThursday AND Betty Ann’s - aka Mello(ha!)LemonCello – birthday! So today’s post is a homage to a very good year, 1958.

The Mad Men of Madison Avenue had some awesome product to hawk in those days. The cars from 1958 were, like our Betty Ann, creative, original, distinctive, spunky and colorful. What ever happened to that? Look around a parking lot today: all black, white or grey in a sea of similar looking boxes bearing different nameplates. Henry Ford might be surprised to find that 100 years hence we’re essentially back to his position that you can get any color car you want as long as it’s black.

Behold the glorious choices you had in 1958: Chevy Impala, Ford Fairlane, Corvette, Thunderbird, Plymouth and Studebaker – any color you wanted.

58 impala5282_1-1958-Ford-Fairlane-118-Sunstar289Ytbird fury

And in 1958 teenage girls dressed like young women rather than sluts-in-training.

17 july covergirl carol lynleyCarol Lynley, covergirl Seventeen Magazine July, 1958 

Betty Ann probably doesn’t remember these hit songs from her birth year, but three of the best singers of the 20th century had hits in the top 100 songs of 1958. And they still sing as pretty today as they did then. I wonder how well the Hip Hop “mother f*****” lyrics will hold up after 60 years.

Return To Me, Dino Martino

One For My Baby And One More For The Road, Frank Sinatra 

Non Dimenticar, Nat King Cole

And I even found a couple vintage ‘58 trucks for Betty Ann to paint. So happy birthday BA!

8436e915a5a32c3805a3463d0a68f1ba58 pickup

In honor of the event I’ll be at my easel all day. Cheers! And may you enjoy 60 more. Tattinger-1

It Was A Very Good Year.

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