Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Moanin’–They May Be Giants But They Are Not American Giants

Yes it’s Monday Moanin.’ Also known in the trade as “what’s bothering you” it means that it’s time to let your inner-bitch out. Since I’ve been bitching about politics for over a decade I’m focusing on something that’s only ancillary to politics today: the long, slow march to the downsizing of America. I’m talking products here, the size reductions that require heirloom recipes to be recalibrated to accommodate for the new 14.75 ounce cans that used to hold 16.5 ounces and the 12 ounce boxes that once housed a full pound of pasta. I guess manufacturers thought we wouldn’t notice. And we didn’t… at first. But when they did it to the two most essential food groups in the American diet, coffee and ice cream, we all snapped to attention.

edyssmall2I’m so old I remember when a half gallon of ice cream was 2 full quarts

Yes children, a one pound can of coffee once weighed 16 ounces, not 11.5.


And 5# of sugar once weighed a full pound more than the new, sleeker, 4 pound bag. And a bag containing one whole pound of chips? You wish!lays1416mp

What else has shrunk since the golden age of Obama? More like what hasn’t? Hot dogs, mustard, catsup, packaged cheese, cereal, mayonnaise, jam, pasta, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, paper towels, toilet paper, pills, kleenex, soap. All have been on the chopping block. Even plastic bags are thinner now – and half the time they won’t even “zip” anymore let alone lock.

I blame this insidious form of inflation on Obama, who picked up Jimmy Carter’s mantle of winning the energy crisis by using less and conserving more and dragged it to the “pie is only so big” finish line.  During this time frame both he and manufacturers tried to convince us that less really was more.

mustard50% more than our 12 oz (that used to be 14 oz)

drawn-candy-bar-dark-chocolate-6Hershey’s cynically renamed it’s newly downsized 6.8 oz. (formerly 7 oz.) “GIANT”

They may be Giants, but they are not American giants. Enough with the downsizing.

truck size candy barMAGA!

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