Sunday, September 30, 2018

Who Are These People?

The Michigan Wolverines, the Florida Gators, the LSU Tigers and the North Dakota Bison (no ‘s’ – see I do learning!) all won yesterday. Hope I didn’t miss anyone’s favorite team.

But yes, we are still winning despite repeated fumbles, turnovers, mistakes, rain delays and plain bad calls. It ain’t always pretty but a win’s a win. Sometimes the suspense nearly kills you.

So as a potential stress reliever I thought maybe we should do Sunday comics, like everyone did once upon a time in America.


You know, back before the advertising industry determined that the country was predominantly minority, and possibly gay:

 african-american-father-and-children-reading-newspapers-comics-DFAE2MPhoto available for use in your woke ad, for a slight charge

Only I thought instead of reading them, it would be more fun to cast the characters in last week’s Judicial Committee hearing as a cartoon character.

Someone started this (sorry I don’t remember who, please self-identify) by noting that if Dianne Feinstein were a cartoon she’d be Lucy:


Other actors were pretty easy too, take Christine Blasey Ford for example:

She is definitely Joanie Doonesbury Caucus:


Although to be clear, in her mind she’s still a Boopsie, hanging out with her “friends at the beach”


And then there’s Richard Blumenthal who many have pointed out could easily be Skeletor, but sees himself as Dick Tracy:

schumer and blumenthaldick tracy

And I personally like Dickie Durbin as Barney Rubble


I could go on, but how about you pick your favorite cartoon doppelganger?