Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You Really Haven’t Come As Far As You Thought

Rush has been telling us for years that if you wish to know who the Left fears most, watch who they seek to destroy. By that standard it’s clear they fear Brett Kavanaugh more than anyone other than Donald Trump himself.

They are so enamored with what they’ve been able to conjure against President Trump with their simple made-up, paid for dossier that they’ve deployed the same game plan against his Supreme Court Justice nominee. This is a long game the New Left Socialists have been working on a long time.


They officially launched it for the 2012 election – you remember: Mitt’s “women in binders.” romney clinton binders

That’s when it became apparent that the Racist Card couldn’t reliably be used to destroy all their opponents and they needed to widen the war to include another reliable victims group.


The rest is history. And now we have many women in positions of power…working to destroy decent men.



who took a page from the Obama school of story telling by using composite characters and composite events to tell their stories.


the leaker

and handlers:

dems on judiciary


long way baby

You’ve set women back at least 50 years.