Friday, October 5, 2018

…One Tail Light At A Time

As Melania wraps up her African trip (for which she’s been criticized of course)


her husband continues to drive the Left crazy by  throwing the truth in their faces.

“The rage filled resistance of the Left is beginning to backfire on them.” – VSGPDJT, Minnesota

Actually it isn’t just backfiring on them, it’s defining them.

Their hatred for the values of the Right in general and President Trump personally has consumed them.  The people demonstrating against Judge Kavanaugh now with their “Women Must Be Heard” “I Believe Survivors” “Sexual Violence Is A Crime” “Angry Entitled Unfit to Serve” signs are the same people who were out demonstrating last July when his nomination was announced,


before there was even a ‘scintilla of scandal’ connected to him. They hate him simply because of what he believes in and stands for (hmmm – who does that remind us of?). So don’t take it personally Judge Kavanaugh, your attempted personal destruction was simply collateral damage in the war against conservative values.

The Left, whose core value is power and whose core skill set is organizing, will continue to “Organize for Action” just like they always have; practicing the art of personal destruction to destroy everyone standing in their path. In the meantime they will be busy looking for another community organizer

alexandria ocasio cortezA woman would be nice

to promote the commie/socialist agenda that will return that power to its rightful owners.


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