Monday, October 1, 2018

If You Want More TRUMP That’s How You Get More TRUMP

Overnight: Judge Kavanaugh is still the subject of a Democratic witch hunt because the party that proudly professes they will do anything to get their way still thinks that people who are opposed to their “by any means necessary” mentality are evil.

But somehow, despite it all VSGPDJT continues to stay focused on business. Last week the new trade deal with South Korea was signed, last night Canada joined the U.S./Mexico trade deal thus replacing NAFTA - “the worst trade deal ever signed.”

trump rename

trump rename

He was warned by everyone: do not blowup NAFTA they said. He was given an explanation as to why it could never be redone, why we would never get a better deal with either Mexico or Canada.  #NeverTheLessHePersisted. Do not tell Trump something cannot be done when that is what he came to do; indeed, that is what he promised to do.

This is what leadership looks like. And we are #NotTiredOfWinning.

But that’s okay, you keep telling Trump that he can’t do what he came to Washington to do. Keep pulling dirty tricks, soliciting liars and thieves to lie and corrupt the system. Keep violating our bedrock values. Keep agitating. Keep “resisting”- and we will keep on Trumping.

trump we will do it again

Because if you want more TRUMP that’s how you get more TRUMP.