Saturday, October 6, 2018

Out With Kabuki, In With the Theatre of the Absurd

Congratulations to the New Democratic Socialists: you’ve managed to transform what was once just disgraceful political Kabuki into the far more repulsive theatre of the absurd.


The Free Dictionary - noun -  A form of drama that emphasizes the absurdity of human existence by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue, purposeless and confusing situations, and plots that lack realistic or logical development.

Amy-Schumer-Emily-Ratajkowski-Arrested-in-Anti-Kavanaugh-ProtestsActress Amy Schumer and model-actress Emily Ratajkowski pose for press before volunteering to be arrested at the Capital anti-Kavanaugh protest…and then tweeting about it to their fans.

amy volunteers arrest

Still not absurd enough? How about this - blowback from the sistahs on how she was dressed:

ratajowski tweet

Emily’s sweet tweet triggered some other lefties who shamed her for going braless during the protest. Need I point out that this isn’t exactly progress for the sisterhood of traveling pants?

And there it is: the NDS has now made it clear: they will make groundless lascivious allegations, lie when necessary, shout down anyone they disagree with, vilify anyone they oppose and doxx anyone who opposes them in order to get what they want.

Kavanaughing is the new Borking: weaponized political Kabuki played out on their new set, the theatre of the absurd. We’ll see how it plays at the box office come November.