Monday, November 5, 2018

Democrats Don’t Hate America, They Just Hate Everything That Makes It Great

You’re probably tired of hearing that every election is the most important ever, but in a world where totalitarianism is increasingly and nonchalantly embraced by the Left, every election does indeed become the most important ever.

So grab your cellphone and encourage those right thinking people closest to you to get out and vote, offer them a lift if need be. Encourage anybody you can to vote to keep the kind of growth President Trump has ignited in America – exactly what he promised – to continue. Vote to build the wall and stop the advancement of the wandering hordes…as well as those who support their right to enter our country illegally. Vote to stop the disintegration of freedom of speech by people who want to make it illegal to say things they don’t approve of. Vote to stop the tactics used to destroy people - professionally and personally - who disagree with leftist dogma. 

james-woods-if-republicans-dont-stand-up-to-metoo-lynchings-democrats-will-destroy-every-nomination-election-time-to-draw-line-in-sand-kavanaughJames Woods

Vote to stop the public education propaganda machine.


Vote to stop the government takeover of healthcare, the undoing of our right to bear arms and the unfettered embrace of One World Governance. Vote to stop “climate change” taxes and legislation. Vote to stop the insidious slide into socialism…in other words, stop the Democrats’ Contract with America.


Democrats: They Don’t Hate America, They Just Hate Everything That Makes It Great