Friday, November 9, 2018

FOTUS Friday: #EveryDemVoteIsCountedTwice

Forgive me, but in addition to waking up at 4:30 am everyday this week, today I woke to two inches of fresh snow. Yes, it’s beautiful, yes, it silently covers everything in its path – including the 4 inches of fallen leaves waiting to be raked and removed. And while I know some of you (MnTo) are delighted with this early gift of whiteness (trigger! privileged! racist! trigger!trigger! ) the rest of us are neither mentally or physically prepared for this early onslaught.

autumn snow

So while I would have been happy to just post this lovely photo of the Trumps and Kavanaughs with the  Supremes, minus RBG, and call it a day…


without so much as a single comment about the two short linebackers on the team. But extraneous circumstances beyond my control having already set my mood for the day caused me - against my better judgment -  to click on the comments section and be reminded anew of the depths of hatred these people have for us. And they use that hatred to justify their lying, cheating, and infliction of great bodily harm less than death. Anything for the win. 

But what to do when your Russian Bots are no longer adequate to deliver a Dem victory? Why, you go back to your roots, of course. You use the same old fashioned ballot rigging that’s been in business since 1960, it’s still the best money can buy.

You see, Democrats simply won’t take “no” for an answer. If their loss is too big to settle over a recount they will #RESIST! But if the margin is narrow enough, and they don’t like the hand they’ve been dealt they just keep demanding more cards. And corruptocrats in state governments continue to give them as many as they need. This prolonged processing of counting an unidentified number of ballots that mysteriously appear after a narrow Democratic loss is the last phase of stolen elections. It’s implemented only when the dead, drugged and illegal voting contingency proved itself unreliable. When that happens. hijacked ballots leaning decidedly Dem show up everywhere so that #EveryDemVoteIsCountedTwice.

vote twiceDIY! Because we can’t count on those Russian Bots anymore!