Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Race Day

And were off! It’s Race Day in America!

race america

Oh, whoops, I can see how some might think that sounds, ah, racist. And that of course will give them cover to lie, cheat, steal and rob graves in order to get their POWER back.

I know that nobody here needs to be encouraged to get to the polls to stop the crazies from imposing their contract on America. But remind anyone you might run into today that the country is doing just fine without the iron vise of Democratic control.

And anybody who thinks handing the reins of the House Financial Services Committee over to Mad Maxi is a fine idea should automatically be disqualified from voting, forever.

maxine's cherokee cheekbones are meltingGood thing she’s already a certified minority, as her Cherokee cheekbones are slip-sliding away along with the rest of her face.

And that’s all I’ve got to say for now. I’ll try to open a new thread for election night returns around 7:00 PM EST. Now get out there and MAGA. Vote against the lunatics on the left who never seem to run out of lunacy.

Immigrant caravans! Open borders!


Because it’s working out so well for Europe.

Vote for America. We’re worth it.