Thursday, November 8, 2018

Post Post-Election Day Musings

I listened to PDJT’s press conference on the radio yesterday. Absent all the visual theatrics I concentrated only on the verbal back and forths. I must say, the President is getting better – much better in my opinion - at handling the group of rabid hyenas that pursues him. While I’ve enjoyed all of his earlier pressers, he did have a tendency to get drawn offsides too easily by the militant hecklers posing as journalists. He’s grown much better at batting back their bleating.

goat bleat

Case in point, Mr. Acosta’s boorish antics that resulted in the suspension of his White House privileges.  This should have been the default position all along: if you can’t behave with a modicum of decorum your access is restricted. And spare me the squeals of “press suppression” – they’re not suppressed, they can and will still report anything. They just don’t get to gather their information in person.

I think it would be fun if President Donald Trump got a looped recording of Alec Baldwin’s screed against his then 11 year old daughter hooked up to the press conference podium. That way when somebody began hectoring rather than questioning the President could cue the response “you’re a rude little pig!” 


Any hoo…I promised to turn on Paul Ryan today and despite the fact that the midterms are already old news and despite the probable terrorist shooting in Thousand Oaks  last night, I don’t want to miss the opportunity. I do hold him and his subversive Never-Trumpers totally responsible for the Republican loss of the House. And of course they still don’t get it.

Ryan’s Deep State tendencies prevented him from pressing for the President’s (our) agenda. He was dismissive, sometimes even derisive, of our priorities and therefore failed to advance the agenda we enthusiastically sent PDJT to Washington to implement. Specifically, he did nothing to help the country control the border by building the wall. Nothing to introduce legislation to close the “asylum” and “birthright” loopholes. Literally NOTHING to address the country’s immigration mess. He supported an Obamacare repeal bill that he KNEW wouldn’t get through the Senate. He passed a watered down tax bill but failed to make even those reforms permanent before handing the House over to the Democratic Sociliasts who want tax increases. He completely tabled the national reciprocity for concealed carry. And nothing to rein in the bloated budget fueling our massive debt: nothing to reform the welfare entitlement programs, nothing to improve the nation’s decaying infrastructure.  Nothing to help drain the swamp, to which Mr. Ryan has became quite acclimated.

So now Ryan moves on to become a talking head somewhere, criticizing the President until such time as his mandated one year ban from cashing in on K Street is up. May I suggest he leave immediately, and get a 2 month jump on his 1 year ban? That way maybe we could get a few of the above items taken care of before the NPCs take over.

And frankly, when the Democrats take over in January we will notice very little difference from what’s been going on in the House over the last 2 years, except the tone of the press coverage will be much better. Because as Hillary told us, they’ll behave more civilly once they get some power back.

So for now we must remind ourselves that we still have a lion in charge and hope that some of the lessor jungle inhabitants take a few lessons and cues from him. Sometimes your job is to fight.