Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Never, Never, Never Give Up

If you need a cheerleader today, I’m probably not it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we held the Senate, even picked up a few seats. And there is some delayed satisfaction in the fact that all those Dems who voted against Justice Kavanaugh lost.

kavanaugh effect

And sure, it was delightful to watch the heartbroken MSM admit that their big Blue Wave was in reality just an annoying little drip. 

blue drips

And since we held the Senate we still control judicial appointees which in the long game may be the money play - but for now seems like painfully delayed gratification.


On the other hand the thought of the crazies (Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings) running the House again makes me nauseous.

The fact that Keith Ellison won Minnesota’s Attorney General race disgusts me. Wasn’t he “credibly accused” of beating his former partner? I guess that’s only an automatic disqualifier for privileged white men.

And then there’s the unfortunate situation that those of us in states like California, Hawaii, Michigan and New Jersey ended up with the governments that they deserve rather than the ones we fought for. Disheartening.

The fact that ‘Beto’ O’Rourke – who attracted $70 million, mostly from out of state libs - still lost to Ted Cruz would be uplifting but for the fact he’s been declared a winner despite defeat. I mean, they’re touting him as the  Democrats “New Kennedy” for Pete’s sake! Because of his felony DUI I’m assuming that’s Ted, not John, but still.

And AOC is now officially a socialist representative from The People’s Republic of New York. 50 years from now she’ll probably be Speaker of the House, she seems to have that special typeface.


So while I normally like to at least pretend to be optimistic I’m getting too old to rejoice over 2 years of wasted time while the Democrats hold meritless investigations and bury any that might actually uncover wrong-doing on the part of Deep State.

But hey, If PDJT isn’t giving up I won’t either.

trump 2 19 am election dayPresident Trump returns to Joint Base Andrews, MD, at 2:19am on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6th

And you know there isn’t a chance of that happening.

trump midterm tweetstrump midterm tweets.2png

Nevertheless, I think I’ll spend today doing something productive like cleaning out my bedroom closet.