Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I Will Not Be Purged

“All of this lying, race-baiting, and violence isn’t just random chaos. This lunacy is all part of the Democrats’ plan. If you want to control people, you need to set them against each other. You need to make them afraid to say the wrong thing, and ‘the wrong thing’ can change at any moment, for any reason or no reason at all. If people can get killed for saying all lives matter, they’ll stop saying it.” – Jim Treacher

The 2 operative phrases here are “if you want to control people” –  YES THEY DO! – and “you need to set them against each other.” What better way to do that than through fear and outrage?  Once you understand that you’ve explained 99% of the Democrat/Progressive strategy employed since the day Donald J. Trump announced he was running for president. The allegations he was racist/sexist/homophobic – which continue unabated to this day without substantiating evidence, the collusion hoax – which people believe to this day, without substantiating evidence, the Ukrainian affair, the “kids in cages” outrage, the endless COVID lies,

Covid-19 lays bare how racism fuels health disparities among Black ...

BLM allegations and demands, “systemic racism” claims, the continuing demand for police defunding: all explained when you understand the basic strategy of fear-mongering and control.

And now, a new way to wedge the Hispanic community against their enemy: boycott Goya! Their CEO went to the White House! And praised President Trump! Destroy his company!

Note how quickly deadhead celebs jumped on the bandwagon: Chrissy Teigen,

You’re full of beans Chrissy

the perennially unbright AOC and “celebrity chef” Jose Andres – whose main claim to fame was stealing techniques he learned from Ferran Adrià while working at El Bulli and bringing them to America, along with their stratospheric prices.

So my suggestion for this week’s Takeout/Taco Tuesday: go snap up as many Goya products as you can find at your local mercado (don’t forget to wear your Fear COVID mask!) and make your own tacos.

Goyaway: Why Some People Are Boycotting Goya Foods | Food & Wine

Make no mistake, this is the Cultural Revolution.

The Purge: Anarchy

I will not be purged. Join me.