Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dancing Brown Bears

Lady M was not amused by my fuzzy little gift.

I guess it was a dumb idea. But I thought after Tom Delay’s debut performance on Dancing With the brown bear Stars as a brown bear that maybe MO would like to enter Big Guy in the competition too. After all, there are still some nights that he doesn’t have a TV gig.



Besides, it was really just a joke, and I think he’s kind of cute:teddy obama

I’m afraid I hit a bit of a nerve however. It’s not that MO wouldn’t like to see BO’s head spin around a few times, since I guess he can be a bit of a stinker ( I just knew that new Book was going to cause trouble.) But Lady M isn’t going to let Big Guy anywhere near the hot babes on the sound stage. It seems that luscious women grabbing Big Guy’s butt and slipping a hand in his pocket didn’t go over so well on the old campaign trail. And one particularly troublesome groupie had to be – inexplicably – shipped off to Martinique.

All I have to say is she was lucky it was Big Guy she was messing with, because some of the babes that oiled Bill Clinton’s ego are still missing. Of course Hillary had been in politics a lot longer than Michelle has been, so she knew how to work with people behind the scenes a lot better. Mo’s got the Mojo however. I believe she’ll catch on real quick.