Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ketchup Is About As American As You Can Get

Gee, not great reviews on the little red number yesterday. You just can’t please these people. Who wouldn’t love this? Buttons and bows: says it all.

un red 2 And check out the belt on her shrimpy friend. Oh yeah - she’s picked up on the Michelle vibe.

Anyway, all the comments about the dress being “inappropriate” – obviously came from celebrity gawkers that didn’t know about the rest of our busy schedule yesterday. Not only lunch with UN dignitaries, but a lavish dinner hosted by MO and BO last night for 190 world leaders. If you think the dress was too tight in the morning, you should have seen it at midnight! Don’t worry, I was on duty.

I’m glad we’re moving on to the G-20 in Pittsburgh. Big Guy can take responsibility, again, for the worst recession in planetary history, and Lady M can commiserate with Theresa Heinz Kerry ( the wife of Senator John Kerry and the widow of Senator John Heinz from the ketchup family – believe me, she loves red.)about how mean the press can be to power spouses.