Monday, September 21, 2009

Ghosts of Olympics Past

Oh dear, I just heard from Rhambo that we’re dispatching an advance team to Copenhagen to pave the way for a possible personal appearance by Big Guy himself at the Olympic committee next month in Copenhagen.

Not that I have any problem with him tagging along, although I think Lady M wanted to surprise him with the new outfit she’s having fitted by Bibi Ghost while we’re there.  We spotted it in the Copenhagen Fashion Week news, and It was going to be a little Halloween surprise. Nice.

Bibi Ghost Copenhagen Fashion Week

But again, I digress. Chicago is apparently vying with Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro to win the bid to host the 2016 Olympics. I just hope Toes isn’t planning on sending one of those Chicago thug squads over to make sure that the vote of the 100 member Olympic committee goes the right way.

Because it would really be embarrassing for the city of Chicago if they had to bring in Mitt Romney to clean up the mess.

Besides, we’re not even sure if BO can make it:

Ten days ago, Obama told Chicago Mayor Richard Daley that he might not be able to get away, because of the ongoing effort to pass a health care bill. But Obama still hopes to make the trip if he can do so without jeopardizing the reform bill, aides say…

"He wants to preserve his options," the advisor said in an interview today.

Even appearing on 5 Sunday shows yesterday, all pitching softballs, wasn’t enough to seal the deal. I sounds like most of the American people want to “preserve their options” too.

new yorker

Besides, Mo can handle this job just fine on her own, thank you.