Friday, September 25, 2009

Singing In The Rain

Wouldn’t you know it would have to rain on Lady M’s international entertaining debut?singing in the rain Who could of seen that coming – in Pittsburgh at the end of September? 

Big Guy even had to mop up Lady M a bit from all that drizzle.singing in rain, mopping up

We’re wearing one of our favorite designers for MO’s debut as Internationale Hostess Supremo. It’s a lovely spaghetti strap cocktail dress by Thakoon and is a taupe, pink and green pattern. Although frankly, from a distance it just looks sort of, uh, nondescript. But I think that’s the point. Unfortunately it made the pink patent leather pumps look a bit odd, so I just muted them out a bit.

I wasn’t sure about the long strand of pearls though. I told her I thought a choker might work better, but Lady M said she’s tired of the whole Jackie thing and she’s going her own way from now on.  Great. Just what I need, more overtime.

Everything was going pretty well until Carla and Nicholas showed up. Would you just look at her? Not ONE piece of jewelry! Just flaunting her natural beauty, like she OWNS understated. But that’s the French for you. Gauling.pitsburgh france

Then shortly after that, when I was working the front, some jackass slipped around behind us and took this shot:pitts way back Oh, there will be hell to pay for this breach of security! See what happened next? This in NEVER supposed to happen.pitts9

Other than that, the dinner was swell. Local this, organic that. MO was too bummed out to eat anyway. And Big Guy was busy apologizing to everyone around him for the rain.